Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CRM 2011 Tool Tip: Customizations using System Settings. Application and Form Mode.

With the release of Rollup 7 to CRM 2011, the Read-Optimized form mode has now been made available for the individual user to choose. However if you want to make the change globally, or not allow an individual user to choose what type of mode you have to adjust the System Settings.

Navigate to the System Settings pane you see above. Choose the Customization tab.

Application Mode - Application mode setting. In System Settings you can choose whether    Microsoft Dynamics CRM will launch in application mode. Application mode hides the address, tool, and menu bars on the browser.

Form Mode - Within form mode you can choose to default the form to editable or read only. You can also disable users from selecting the other option. However since Read Optimized is new, let's go deeper into that.

. However, if your IFrame calls in to the client API to get some form data, you might get errors on the form because read-optimized forms don’t have client API support.

So far my testing has revealed the following:
  • If your instance of CRM has global javascript files as Web Resources or in fact if you rely on Web Resources in any facet, the form will auto select the Editable form.
  • When removing Web Resources, the form goes into read-optimized view.
  • When pointing to an aspx page, the form is currently failing. The aspx page I am trying to load will invoke a silverlight xap file.
This topic is still in progress and I will update accordingly.

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